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My name is Muhammad Nurul Huda. I was born on March 30, 1994. I am a hard worker, honesty is a principle that I have to instill. Creativity, innovation is always an exciting and fun thing. Encourage always to be a better, more productive and better person. Continue to learn to become a professional and religious person.

I have experience with IT Network for 3 years. With a D3 education background majoring in Computer Engineering. Besides the network I have programming and multimedia skills. To practice my skills, I have taken certification from Microsoft, Cibrary, and Sololearn.


Date of birth

March, 30 1994


Jl. Kedasih 1 no.29, Cikarang Utara, 17530
Bekasi, Jawa Barat





Available for freelance work



wiring technician and panel assembly.

23 July 2012 - 09 January 2015


1. Carry out installation work related to electricity.
2. Prepare Work Drawings, Work Equipment, Materials related to the wiring.
3. Mounting panel (installation of duck according to the image, and installation of components, installing the terminal along with the terminal number).
4. Labeling material components and making sure they are installed.
5. Can do Cable Wiring
6. Check and update material that has not been installed.
7. Ensure all components are in accordance with the cortex.
8. Conduct continuity in internal checks before being submitted to the panel.


IT Network.

November 2015 - January 2019


1. Mikrotik configuration includes making VPN, connecting head office routers with branch offices using proxy VPN, forwarding devices, queue bandwidth, monitoring bandwidth usage, monitoring internet users, blocking unwanted internet access, blocking unwanted users, setting firewalls Mikrotik to be more secure in accessing the internet and other uses of the features in the proxy.
2. Configure DVR and CCTV access.
3. Make a network for companies or agencies.
4. Manage email, anti-spam and virus protection
5. Make a schedule for maintenance and hardware checking. Make a schedule using a form that is made by yourself or can be done online such as Tex-Mex.
6. Maintenance and checking include checks for network cables starting from RJ45, UTP cables and devices such as routers, switches, access points, printers, and other hardware devices.
7. Install the Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and other operating systems on a computer.
8. Install programs or applications on a computer.
9. Making computers in the office environment can be connected to the internet, communicate with each other, share resources, such as printers, drives, and files.
10. Make a letter of request for goods.
11. create documents regarding damage, maintenance, and also a stock of IT equipment for offices or companies per month.
12. Set up a teleconference.
13. Helps users to diagnose and solve data communication problems and train users in using the equipment.
14. Identify operating areas that need upgrading equipment such as modems, routers, switches, access points, telephone cables, UTP cables, and other equipment.
15. Consult the customer, visit the workplace or conduct a survey to determine the needs of current and future users.
16. Maintain and manage computer networks and related computing environments including computer hardware, system software, application software, and all configurations.
17. Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other networks and system problems, and replace damaged components if needed.
18. Perform data backup and damage recovery operations.
19. Configure, monitor, and maintain email applications or virus protection software.



Graduated in 2012

Computer Network Engineering

Network Computer Science study

 Introduction of computer software and hardware.
 Disassemble and assemble a PC / computer.
 Learn to install computer OS.
 Definition of LAN, MAN, and WAN networks.
 Calculate and how to share IP addresses.
 Analyze and create network systems. 
 Learn to create websites based on blog, WordPress, Cms, Joomla, and others.
 Learn Microsoft offices like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Microsoft PowerPoint.
 Learn to type ten fingers in Microsoft Word.
 Creating a database system online and offline using Microsoft Excel, Xampp, My SQL, Apache.
 Learn to make Straight and Cross network cable arrangements
 Creating a LAN, MAN, or WAN network.
 Learn network configuration. 
 Learn to install Text-based operating systems, for example, Debian Linux, Red Hat, and others.
 Learn to share internet bandwidth.
 Learn to connect server and client computers.


This time

Computer Network Engineering

Network Computer Science study

 Computer Engineering
 Introduction to Information Technology
 Web Programming I
 Web Programming II
 Computer Architecture & Organization
 Algorithms & Programming
 Commercial Package I Program
 General Organization Theory
 Introduction to Management
 Operating system
 Visual Programming I
 Data structure
 Interpersonal skills
 Visual Programming II
 Computer network
 Software engineering
 Commerce Package II Program
 Management Information System
 SI Analysis and Design
 Digital System
 Introduction to Linux
 Seminar
 Religion
 Research methods
 Discrete mathematics
 Basic English I
 Basic English II
 English Intermediate I
 English Advance I
 Computer Network II
 Hardware Practicum
 Practicum Algorithm
 Commerce Package III Program
 Database Practicum
 Entrepreneurship
 Graphic Design & Multimedia
 Mobile Programming (Android)


The expertise that I mastered

Build WordPress professional web 100%
Web programming
PHP 80%
Javascript 75%
Ajax 73%
JQuery 79%
JSon 75%
CSS 76%
Bootstrap 90%
Materialize 90%
HTML 100%
SQL 85%
Create and Build a hybrid mobile application 85%
Dekstop Programming
Visual Basic 60%
Microsoft office
Word, Exel, Power Point, Access 85%
Photoshop 85%
Corel Draw 85%
PicsArt 85%
Adobe Premier 85%
Mikrotik management and configuration 95%
Ubiquity management and configuration 95%
Cisco management and configuration 85%
Local Area Connection
Build local area connection company 100%
Server Centos
Build, manage,and configuration os server centos 85%
Server Ubuntu
Build, manage,and configuration os server ubuntu 85%
System Operation
Install all types of system operation 100%


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Contact details



Jl. Kedasih 1 no.29, Cikarang Utara, 17530 Bekasi, Jawa Barat​

Muhammad Nurul Huda

Expert in network IT and medium in programming

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